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Inspirational Coaching & Mentoring adelaide true wealth scott timperon

Inspirational Coaching & Mentoring for Cryptos

Welcome to Scott Timperon. It’s no coincidence that you have landed on this page to find help with uncovering the world of Bitcoin, Ethereum & cryptocurrency , to totally transform your life. Whether you are searching for a start to get going, adding to your knowledge or a chat, I am here to help.  

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Crypto Wealth Coach

 As a dedicated investor and crypto coach, I pride myself on inspiring others to uncover this world and activate their wealth potential, to believe in themselves and their dreams, and to move towards living a life a financial free life.

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Find true wealth

I specialise in helping people, who want to quickly and easily learn the principles to create their dream life and find true wealth using Bitcoin, Ethereum & cryptocurrency. 

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One on one coaching

To help you identify and achieve your cryptocurrency finanical dreams, I work one on one to coach clients. I do this by face to face meetings or Zoom calls.

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Mindset Training

My mindset coaching will help you to

  • Identify your true-life values
  • Take a journey to transform your life and align it with your innermost joy and values
  • Hang on and pull through some of life’s toughest moments
  • Rebuild your life after major upset
  • Cope with whatever life throws at you
  • Regroup and reframe any negative situation
  • Build a mindset to bounce back bigger and better
  • Understand and implement the actions required to manifest your dream life
Inspirational Coaching & Mentoring adelaide true wealth scott timperon


Inspirational Coaching & Mentoring adelaide true wealth scott timperon

Wealth Creation Strategies

Once you know what you want and what your dream life looks like, I then coach and educate clients on wealth creation strategies including

  • Bitcoin and crypto currencies
  • Shares, options and investments
  • Residential property development and investments

True Wealth is your birth right, let me take you on an inspirational journey to claim a wealth of health, happiness and prosperity in your life!

About Me

My background is in financial management and wealth creation and whilst I no longer practice this as a career, I enjoyed a fantastic lifestyle being a much awarded and highly successful financial advisor throughout my thirties & forties.  

I am passionate about wealth creation and have studied all the ‘masters’ completing the Accelerated Business School for Entrepreneurs run by Robert Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), completed Bob Proctor’s “Born Rich” program and studied the Science of Getting Rich Principles by Wallace T Wattles.  

During my time as a financial advisor in my thirties & forties, I used my skills and knowledge to build up a personal portfolio of investments including residential investment properties, shares, forex, gold, silver and I regularly traded options as a private investor.  My personal portfolio grew substantially and delivered a significant passive income.  By the time I was 46, I reached my ultimate goal when I was able to sell my business and live off my investments.  This was a dream come true.  

After selling my business, for the next 8 years my investments steadily went from strength to strength as I reinvested profits and leveraged the equity in my property to keep my portfolio growing.  This culminated in me earning a passive income in excess of $1 million in 2010. I was living the dream, having 4 overseas holidays a year, travelling business class and enjoying all of the freedoms associated with a substantial passive income.

One of my investments, skyrocketed and was consistently delivering returns of 25% every quarter.  Delighted with this return, I continued to leverage my property portfolio to invest and I was enjoying huge returns for over 28 months. 

Inspirational Coaching & Mentoring adelaide true wealth scott timperon


My world rapidly changed

 My world rapidly changed when I became aware that the investment that was delivering the bulk of my passive income was a fraud. The investment money disappeared, as did all of the income it was generating and my whole portfolio had to be liquidated along with our personal property to pay the mortgages on the properties that had been leveraged against the investment.  I ended up with no income, no assets and found myself homeless all in the space of four weeks.

I was in total disbelief and felt a real sense of loss and despair.  I really needed to dig deep just to survive day to day and I questioned my ability to carry on in life.  I had to do lots of soul searching and I started searching for answers.  I gradually learnt coping techniques for clearing emotional trauma, how to live in the moment, how to let things go and the importance of gratitude and appreciating what you’ve got at any moment in time.

I questioned and found my true purpose and values in life and the answers I have discovered have launched me on a whole new journey of discovery and manifestation.  Today I live in a beautiful house positioned in an century old oak tree lined street at Stirling, I drive an amazing Mustang sports car and I am rebuilding my asset base.   In my coaching sessions I share all of my strategies, my wealth creation experience and how to cope with whatever life throws at you. 

True Wealth is lasting Happiness, Inner Peace and Inspiration

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