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I am passionate about working with others and inspiring them to unlock and activate their true potential.  The main focus of my coaching is on mindset and universal principals of manifestation accompanied by sharing my personal wealth creation secrets and strategies.


In coaching my clients, I create personalised sessions tailored to your specific needs, and can focus on mindset, wealth creation strategies or a combination of these.  All good wealth creation strategies begin with clear goals and a mindset for success, so that is where we start off in our coaching sessions.  If you want to fast track into wealth creation strategies the one day intensive webinar is a great place to start as you will be clear on your goals and understand the mindset that will help you achieve success.  However, if you already know what you want, I will happily coach and educate you on wealth creation including shares and investments strategies, bitcoin and crypto currencies or residential property investments and property development.

Coaching sessions are $200 inc GST per hour and I offer a free half hour initial consultation, so you can ask any questions and get to see if I am the right fit for you.  If you feel coaching is the right path for you, you can have a one off session or you can pre pay and block book 3 or 5 coaching sessions at a discounted rate.


Coaching single session

$200 inc GST


3 x Coaching sessions

$500 Inc GST


5 x Coaching Sessions

$800 inc GST

One Day Immersive Webinar

I like to call the Intensive webinar ‘From Vision To Reality’. It is designed to take you away from the everyday distractions to spend a day focusing on your needs, your life and the future you would like to create.  The whole day is specifically tailored to you and uncovering your goals and dreams.

Over the course of the day we will aim to transform your thinking and we will

  • Uncover what you want in life and what is holding you back
  • Look at the three critical areas of health, wealth and relationships and clear any blockages you may have in this area.
  • Uncover your top 3 life values
  • Understand what really makes you happy and use this to build a mission and more purpose in your life
  • Teach you how the mind works and give you techniques to change and overcome negative thinking
  • Take you through the processes required to making dynamic achievements in your life.

Webinar Outline

true wealth coaching retreat adelaide

One Day Immersive Webinar Outline

 9.00am start


Top 3 Values

The day kicks off a questionnaire designed to uncover what you value most in life and this will be the foundation used to guide the rest of the day.



True wealth lies in your values and here we look at how to align your values with your vision to create an ideal life of balance and harmony.



Your Life Vision

Most people are very vague about what they want in life and can only really tell you what they don’t want in life.  I will guide you through a process to get crystal clear on what you want from life and identify your mission moving forward.



Self Talk

Discover what may be holding you back when we determine your innermost dominant thought. Here we delve into fears, feelings and emotions that may be preventing you from making changes and achieving your true potential.


Clearing Blockages

We are joined by Judy Timperon (LINK to WEBSITE) a Tapping and Equilibration practitioner to help take you through a highly successful technique to clear any trauma or emotional blockages that may be uncovered.

Lunch and Break


How the mind works

Understanding how the mind works and the importance of what you think and say is a critical part of achieving your goals and dreams in life.  I will take you through the basics of how the mind works and how it impacts on your achievements.



We will delve into gratitude to understand the positive benefits that it can bring into your life.  I will share several ways to express gratitude. as well as where and when to use it.


Guided Visualisation

To build on your understanding of the mind, Judy Timperon will work with you to create a personalised guided visualisation.  This visualisation will be recorded for you to take away and use at home, and it will be created using your own personal values and vision. 


Reinforcing your vision

I will introduce you to a simple yet powerful tool to make achieving your goals easier.  This simple daily regime will help to reprogram the unconscious mind whilst reinforcing the new vision you have set forth for your life. 


The Science of Getting Rich (step by step guide of having what you want)

In his 1910 book– The science of getting rich, Wallace T. Wattles outlined some of the universal principals to use to create wealth and riches in your life.  The book digs deeper into some of the principals that we cover during the retreat and is an ideal reference point if you want to dig deeper into the science of getting rich.

4.30pm Close


Follow up coaching sessions are available at VIP prices for our webinar attendees to help keep you on track and offer guidance on specific wealth creation strategies to align with your goals.

The transformational one day intensive webinar is a great investment at only $950 inc GST.

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