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Jaroslava Vagner Svensson

Hi Scott,

I really like how the 1 day workshop was very personalised and tailored to my own experiences. It was in a relax and safe environment which made it easier for me to open up and really work on myself. I have been doing personal development for a number of years now but Scott’s approach has tied everything in for me and filled in the gaps. All of the jigsaw pieces finally fell into place. I left feeling inspired and not too long after the results came flooding in, quicker than what I’ve imagined

Phi, Burton SA

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Hi Scotty
‘I really enjoyed working with Scotty on the value discovery process, it was really enlightening.  Finally, I understand what makes me tick and now I have a great foundation to evaluate future choices.  Would highly recommend!
Colette, Hallett Cove SA

Hi Scott, just listened to your podcast, congratulations on the interview and sharing sharing your experience! Your presence, passion and candid delivery made captivating listening, you covered a lot of ground, your passion may have a focus on wealth creation, but your story takes a close look at the emotion and mental stamina required to look forward and grow, impressive and inspirational. Great listening, but I’ll stay in bed until well past 5:30am… 

Brenton, West Lakes SA

testimonial coming soon


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