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Getting Rich
It’s no accident that you have landed on this page.

You may have heard the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. Let Wallace D Wattles the author of “The science of Getting Rich” be your teacher. This book was written almost 120 years ago and the principles are just as reinvent today as then.

Let me give you a little history of why I posted this page.

My journey started at age 23 years when I began work at an Insurance and Investment Company. Within the first days of training, I was asked to dream big and write down my dreams or goals on paper, then number them in order of importance to me. However, I did not realize at that time, I was invoking the principles of “The Science of Getting Rich” book. You see the principles are a natural part of life and we are using them unconsciously unless they are brought to our attention.

Well, the list was never referred to again until the day my mother found it, five years later, when cleaning out an old bedroom of mine. When mum gave it to me I was amazed, as I had almost to achieved every item on that list. I use this list today with the proofs of the achievements in my talks and my workshop. I have gone on with the setting of goals and dreams throughout my life and am still amazed to how things work out.

Another example was after marital relationship breakdown and divorce, I was alone and searching for a love partner. Again, not realizing I was using these principles, I started writing in a journal that I demanded that love and a partner to arrive in my life. Well six months after doing this my wonderful partner and now wife, Judy arrived and we have been together for the last 21 years.

I know you could be skeptical however, I can only say my truth and back them up with proofs.

I discovered this book The Science of Getting Rich and after reading and rereading it, I now realize the secrets to my success.

Rhonda Byrne, the founder of The Secret, receive this book when she was at a low point in life. Her business was not going at all well and she was going broke and her father had just died when her daughter handed her the Science of Getting Rich. Using the principles outlined in the book, not only did she turned her life around, she also decided that the world should know about these principles and The Secret film and book was born.

Please download the book and study and implement the principles in your life.

My purpose is for you to unlock and activate your true potential and I believe this e-book has the principles for your success for your life.

Please contact me with your success stories.  Also I am here to help you grow through my cryptocurrency coaching.

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